Why Choose Sheepskin?

We made our first sheepskin Flat Friends back in 1996, then expanded our range to include puppets in 2003, selling them at markets and independent boutiques. 

The beauty of sheepskin is that it’s soft, cuddly, and comes with all kinds of health benefits for your child. Our sheepskin toys make the perfect comforter that children can keep with them when they play or go to sleep.

Sheepskin is a natural product containing lanolin and therapeutic qualities, encouraging a better night’s sleep for your little one. It’s also soft and gentle on your child’s skin, while also being hypoallergenic – so you know it’s completely safe and free of irritations.

Made with quality Australian sheepskin, our toys are sustainably-made and eco-friendly. The fleece and wool fibres help to activate blood circulation, improve your immune system and regulate your body temperature. So, you can relax and regenerate, hence promoting your wellbeing. 

Discover our beautiful sheepskin toys for babies and learn more about the benefits today!

Why Children Should Play With Puppets

Puppets are an interactive toy, encouraging social play. They’re also great for building your child’s imagination, self-esteem and confidence, while instilling a can-do attitude. 

Watch children perform stories they heard or create their own, triggering their imagination. Our people puppets for kids also teach the values of diversity and inclusion, with each character representing a different culture so children can see their own story mirrored in their toys. It also helps your child to develop empathy and build their understanding of the world around them. They’ll roleplay and express their emotional stresses. Take a look through our range to find your new best friend today.

Adorable Sheepskin Toys and Children’s Puppets in Australia

Flat Friends are your friendly, lovable children’s toys who come to life in a positive, fun and engaging way.

Choose from our gorgeous range of children’s puppets in Australia and sheepskin flat toys. Our toys have been designed to ‘nurture, inspire and empower’ your little ones and fuel their social development as they set out on all kinds of adventures together!

Beautifully handmade and designed, each character comes with their own fun, educational story specially written for the children of today. They make a great gift idea for birthdays and baby showers. After all, learning and growing is fun!

Discover Our Range of Puppets in Australia

We’ve been designing our children’s puppets in Australia for over 20 years. Since our foundation we’ve received raving reviews and positive feedback from astonished parents all over the world.

We’ve brought a range of adorable furry friends and companions to life that are relatable to your child’s culture and style of fashion, allowing parents to teach their children important values and compassion with our popular children’s puppets.

Whether it is sleeping away from parents in a separate room for the first time or attending their first day at childcare, every growing child relies on a cuddly comfort toy at some point to remind them of home and their loving parents, wherever they go.

You can always rely on our gorgeous puppets to comfort your child. Check out our range today and get ready for hours of fun.

Eco-friendly, Sustainable Puppets in Australia

Here at Flat Friends, we care about preserving our planet for a brighter tomorrow. Our furry friends are made with all-natural materials, making them eco-friendly and sustainable.

They’re also designed to encourage children to love nature, and to foster a love of animals. With our range of zoo, farm and marine puppet toys, your child can choose their favourite and learn more about these incredible creatures. Take a look through our range to start the adventure today.

Shop for Puppet Toys Online

Soft and cuddly, Flat Friends are made with love and care. Discover our range today – you might just find your child’s new best friend!

Place your order with us today. Whenever you are in Australia, we’ll deliver straight to your door. We offer speedy, efficient shipping with Sendle and Australia Post, and aim to process all orders within 72 hours during business hours between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For more information, contact our friendly team at orders@flatfriends.com.au.

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We have received the wolf which is really lovely, thank you. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a friendly looking wolf puppet - this one is called “word wolf” as a teaching aid and found that the children really engage with the wolf and believe it really is setting challenges for them to complete.


Thank you so much for the superb customer service Lina! I’ll be in touch next baby shower!


Jordan loves his quokka puppet! I gave the adorable bag the quokka came with to his twin sister. She really liked that, too! Thank you for the free bag, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness, and thanks again for going above and beyond good customer service!


Thank you for sending the orangutans. The 2nd orangutan is a spare for my son. He is 1 and a half years and has had a flat friend from birth, and he takes it everywhere with him. They really are brilliant and have helped keep our son happy and comforted.


Our passion

An Australian Brand, designing and creating the best educational toys for interactive play since 1996.

Our philosophy is to nurture babies with love for wildlife and their environment.
Inspire children’s imagination through creative play.
Empower young minds by building their self-esteem and confidence and
triggering a can-do attitude.

100% Australian Owned

An Australian Brand heart passion to make a difference.

Over 28 years

We've been making our toys since 1996

Made with Heart

We carefully design & hand craft each product for the highest educational impact on young developing mind.

Eco Friendly

Our characters with back stories & products encourage children to lvoe and preserve wildlife and our environment.