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I am so pleased with the Flat Friends Tasmanian Devil puppet I got. I am in the USA and use puppets at educational animal talks at retirement homes. This is the BEST Tasmanian devil puppet I have seen. The puppet is very well made, adorable, and easy to manipulate even with an adult hand. The customer service from Flat Friends is in one word, "AMAZING"!


Thank you for sending the orangutans. The 2nd orangutan is a spare for my son. He is 1 and a half years and has had a flat friend from birth, and he takes it everywhere with him. They really are brilliant and have helped keep our son happy and comforted.


Jordan loves his quokka puppet! I gave the adorable bag the quokka came with to his twin sister. She really liked that, too! Thank you for the free bag, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness, and thanks again for going above and beyond good customer service!


Dingo arrived in perfect time- the day before we got back from holiday! Lucas has been so excited to have 'soft doggy' back. Thank you so much for all your help and the prompt delivery. I love the cotton bag and thought it might be like some of the cheaper varieties but it's such good quality.


We have received the wolf which is really lovely, thank you. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a friendly looking wolf puppet - this one is called “word wolf” as a teaching aid and found that the children really engage with the wolf and believe it really is setting challenges for them to complete.


They have arrived!!! Thank you so much!!! Fondest regards from Berlin


Hi Lina, Hope you're well. Toby just put on an impromptu play for us as we were trying to get out the door... it was too sweet to resist! Cheers, Tina


Thank you so much for the superb customer service Lina! I’ll be in touch next baby shower!


Hi there. A number of years ago I purchased a tiger shark form your range. I was wondering are there any still any floating around? Our guy goes everywhere with us. Even has his own FB page. I am wanting a back up for the day that Dusty may have to retire. He brings us so much joy. We'd love to add more sharkies to our family. Have a lovely weekend.


Hi Lina, thanks very much, I received them on Tuesday and am very happy with them, they’re lovely! I really appreciate your quick response to my initial email and for including the cotton bags as well. Will leave some feedback on your FB page. Thanks again!


L: Thanks Lina, you have been most helpful. I only just came across your website so I’ll be sure to come back and shop again. N: Thank you for my order! My puppets and puzzle arrived super fast and I am thrilled with them. My kindy children are going to love them so much!

Leonie & Narelle

She absolutely loves him, and she squeals with delight.


How cute is all this!! And everything is made of organic cotton from Australia! I even got a Swedish girl and the Greek Little boy puppets!


Which Flat Friends do I choose? They are all so super cute and so soft! Love them all !!


My son was given a Wombat and he LOVES it!!


I'm an early years teacher and planning to use Petra to teach the children all about social distancing when they have to come back to school. Your little Pteranodon puppets are just right to show the wingspan and help the children make sense of this difficult concept when all that they will want to do is give their friends a hug. I look forward to introducing your puppets to the children.


We were blown away when the puppets got here! (in just 2 days). We are going to use these awesome puppets on a brand new show that will premiere on Facebook. They will also be used to illustrate a couple for a brand new marriage course, launching later this year. They are a perfect addition to the team and will serve nicely as “Tom and Sally”. (The Tom & Sally Show) We often catch ourselves having fun with them over lunch depicting the story of a dysfunctional (married) couple! Couldn’t be happier!!!

Ryan & Helen

Hi Lina, I absolutely love my puppets and my students do too! They are adorable! Here is a pic of me showing them off! Kind regards, Katie


My son has grown so attached to 'Rusty Dingo', telling him things about how he feels at Kindy which he won't share with his Mum. I don't have the heart for him to say goodbye to Rusty Dingo when he has to go back to the library, so I thought I would quietly replace him with his own. It is such a special treasure for him that you guys have created.


Dear Lina, thank you so much for the extra clothes and background stories. Marie and I have been practicing at home and she will meet the Kinder children tomorrow. We are excited :) I’m sure the scrubs outfit will come in really handy at present and I’m hoping that both our new friends can help the children understand ways of being safe, healthy and feel secure during this pandemic. I am very glad I found your company.