Amelia, Snow Leopard

SKU: ALS03229


Amelia, our snow leopard sheepskin, isn’t stuffed, making our toy flat and perfect as a baby comforter. Because she’s flat, she can’t stand or sit by herself. But she loves lots of cuddles.


Amelia is carefully handcrafted in the shape and colours of a snow leopard in the wild using 100% premium dense soft and luxurious Australian sheepskin—pure natural fur (wool) and leather (skin) with therapeutic qualities that will benefit your baby. Sheepskin is a by-product, using environmentally safe dyes.


By bonding with Amelia, their sheepskin comforter, your baby and children will learn to love snow leopards in the wild, gaining respect and empathy for them and triggering a passion to preserve them and their environment.


This is why, we spend time meticulously creating Amelia to resemble a snow leopard in the wild. Her white body has been over printed with black rosettes. These rosettes are a mark of leopards and appear on her back, face, parts of her arms, legs and snout. The front of her ears, arms, legs and stomach are white. She has beautiful engaging blue eyes and a black snow leopard nose. Our Amelia is smiling, lovable, and cuddly.


Amelia comes with a free unbleached cotton bag and gift card that features our cute snow leopard character with information about snow leopards in 8 different languages. The perfect gift for any occasion. All natural and doesn't impact our environment or landfill with waste.