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      Thinking of a present to buy, but you can’t decide what to buy your special child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend or colleague’s child. We’ve taken the stress away and suggested educational gift packs to suit your budget for any occasion, birthday, Christmas, name day, any special event or festivity. Choose one we’ve made up for you or be inspired to create your own gift set.

      Our soft educational toy puppets and laser cut wooden puzzles will keep children happy, inspired and entertained for hours. Their puppet will become their best friend for hours and make the perfect gift for birthdays or baby showers for all babies and children. Some babies love sleeping with their puppet.

      Since 1996, we’ve been designing and hand crafting our sheepskin soft toy and baby comforters in the shape of koala, wombat and platypus, extending the range to include 22 animals that have developed a love for wildlife and their environment in young children.

      And in 2003 we launched our thoughtfully handmade full-bodied people hand puppet educational toys and plush hand character or doll type puppets for children. Parents have even given our people puppets to their babies and watch them fall asleep with their best friend. Your child will grow and develop by playing and communicating with practical full-bodied hand people puppet toys. We’ve been designing and making our puppet range for over 20 years and flat sheepskin toys made since 1996.

      Since our foundation we’ve received raving reviews and positive feedback from astonished parents all over the world about our baby and childrens educational natural therapeutic flat sheepskin toys and full-bodied interactive finger and hand puppets.

      We’ve brought to life friends and companions that are relatable to your child’s culture, style of fashion and parents occupation, allowing you as the parent to teach important values and compassion through our most popular story-telling people hand puppet toys.

      We have some of the most amazing full-bodied people puppet toys and plush hand puppets to excite and energise babies and children of all ages. Our people puppets come with different, hair, eye and skin colour reflecting our world today. Parents and children can really get creative with their bedtime stories through our diverse range of dressed puppets and undressed puppets which come in both the male and female option, with all sorts of puppet clothes to match the bedtime story each and every night. The awesome thing about Flat Friends is that we always think of new ideas to add to the collection.

      Our very own puppet toys are an Australian household essential for all children. The use of puppets have been known to be a wonderful method to engage and encourage a child’s imagination whilst also helping them to learn practical and valuable skills in empathy. Each and every one of our people hand puppet toys are made of premium quality soft velvety velour fabric and stuffed for easy handling. However, the most important feature that has popularised our plush hand puppets are the hand embroidered engaging eyes, so that they always make eye contact with the child, teaching them important communication skills.

      Our people puppets have been encouraging diversity and inclusion since their inception in 2003, when started featuring our children characters and people puppets from around the world dressed in folk costumes. Each puppet comes with a backstory, told in the voice of a child about life in their cities or towns from places in different countries around the globe.

      Benefits of Puppet Toys and Plush Hand Puppets

      You might ask yourself why puppets? Our puppet toys and plush hand puppets are unique soft toys for all children to play with during the week at home or at night time before bed. Having such a wide range and variety of hand puppets, we’ve helped many childcare and daycare centres and preschools, educate and teach kids through thoughtful story-telling so you can expect many benefits which includes:

      • Help children develop language and reading skills.
      • Help children freely express emotional issues and resolve them, by using the puppet as an extension of themself.
      • Help children trigger imaginative and creative play when children perform their own puppet show.
      • Help children work motor skills by manipulating the puppet or when taking the puppet’s clothes off or putting them back on the puppet, or when using buttons, zippers, or shoelaces.
      • Help children gain confidence, become brave and improve self-esteem.
      • Help children by encouraging socialising, team building, organisational skills and public speaking.

      We are proud to offer plush hand puppets that make the perfect companion for all growing children. Our hand puppet educational toys are child-friendly, extremely plush, durable, using velour velvety soft to touch fabric toys for all kids to enjoy. They go seamlessly well alongside our range of sheepskin soft toys and animal puppets toys, to make your own puppet family, and ultimately, making great memorable moments in a child’s life.

      We’ve helped many childcare, daycare centres, preschools, and schools using puppets as a teachers aid or to help children come out of their shell and excel with a can-do attitude.

      You can find the product safety information here, as well as the care instructions here.

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