Plush Educational People Puppets


      Plush, Educational People Puppets

      Looking for the best people puppets in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Our people puppets have been encouraging diversity and inclusion since their inception in 2003.

      Here at Flat Friends, we are proud to offer plush hand puppets that make the perfect companion for all growing children. Our hand puppet educational toys are child-friendly, extremely plush and durable.

      We’ve helped many childcare, day-care centres, preschools, and schools using puppets as a teacher's aid or to help children come out of their shell and excel with a can-do attitude. The awesome thing about Flat Friends is that we always think of new ideas to add to the collection.

      Our People Puppets Teach Diversity and Inclusion

      Playing with people puppets is a great way to encourage a child’s imagination, whilst also helping them to build empathy and learn practical, valuable skills. They make the perfect companion for our sheepskin soft toys and animal puppets.

      We started featuring our puppets from around the world dressed in folk costumes. Each puppet comes with a backstory, told in the voice of a child about life in their cities or towns from places in different countries around the globe.

      You can make your own puppet family, and ultimately, make great memorable moments in a child’s life. Parents and children can really get creative with our diverse range of puppets, which come in both males and females, with all sorts of clothes.

      Your child will grow and develop by playing and communicating with our practical hand puppet toys. Our range is designed for children of all ages. Our people puppets come with different hair, eye and skin colour reflecting our world today. However, the most important feature is the hand-embroidered eyes, so that they always make eye contact with the child, teaching them important communication skills.

      Perfect for Bedtime Stories

      Since 2003, we’ve thoughtfully developed our gorgeous people hand puppets for children. Parents have given our people puppets to their babies, watching them fall asleep comforted by their best friend forever.

      Each and every one of our people hand puppet toys are made of premium quality soft velvety velour fabric and stuffed for easy handling. We are pleased to offer a variety of toys that help newborns and young children settle in and rest a lot better, which all parents want for their kids.

      The Amazing Benefits of Our People Puppets

      Our plush hand puppets are unique soft toys for all children to play with at home or at night time before bed. With such a wide range and variety of hand puppets, we’ve helped many childcare and day-care centres and preschools, educate and teach kids through thoughtful story-telling.

      Each and every one of our baby comforter toys are child-friendly, durable, soft to touch and hypoallergenic for all kids to enjoy.

      You can find something to mix and match with our range of people puppets, which has its own unique benefits for growing children, which include:

      • Developing language and reading skills
      • Building social skills, team building, organisational skills and public speaking skills.
      • Helping children to gain confidence, become brave and improve self-esteem.
      • Developing motor skills by manipulating the puppet, dressing them or using buttons, zippers, or shoelaces.
      • Expressing emotional issues and resolving them by using the puppet as an extension of themselves.
      • Encouraging imaginative and creative play when children perform their own puppet show.

      You can find the product safety information here, as well as the care instructions here.

      Shop Now for People Puppets in Australia

      Our products have been known to aid in the growth and development of young children. Place your order today and find out why thousands of Aussies love our people hand puppets.

      We aim to process all orders within 72 hours during business hours between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and offer speedy, efficient shipping with Sendle and Australia Post. For more information, contact our friendly team at

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