Wooden Puzzles


      Wooden Puzzles

      Puzzles are a great way to teach your child problem-solving skills, while developing their fine motor and language skills, and hand-eye coordination. It’s the perfect way to keep them entertained on a rainy day!

      Here at Flat Friends we’ve thought about the best way to trigger a young child’s growing mind to excel. We’ve designed educational wooden puzzles that nurture and deepen problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking, enhance language skills through picture-word association and develop fine motor skills. This is why we’ve raised and laser-cut our wooden puzzles into anatomical groups.

      Our unique character puzzles are made with a great deal of attention to detail. Every aspect of the puzzle has been considered in its development. Our puzzles require children to think about how the pieces fit together and to solve this through trial and error.

      Children 3 years and over will stay occupied either matching colours or pieces when assembling their puzzle together, expanding and advancing their inquisitive ability and building patience and dexterity. Check out our range to get started today!

      Hours of Fun with Our Wooden Puzzles in Australia

      Thinking of a present to buy? Our educational wooden puzzles are a great gift for birthdays or to surprise your child or grandchild with. 

      Children love engaging with our cute and friendly characters. Children will be able to identify and learn about the different parts of an animal or human. They will see the similarities and differences. 

      Develop their memory and language skills through picture-word association. Our puzzle pieces are cut into separate anatomical parts such as mouth, eyes, ears, nose, arms, legs, tail, stomach & back. Children will learn to remember the word associated with the appendage through picture recognition. When a child picks up a dingo’s snout, or front or hind leg, they’ll understand the words nose, mouth, legs, arms, back, stomach, head and face.

      When they complete their puzzle, they learn words such as dingo, dolphin, shark, turtle, Tasmanian devil, kangaroo, frog and so on. They’ll also learn to tell the difference between each animal.

      Discover The Benefits of Our Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

      Not only are our wooden puzzles fun, but they’re educational, too! They come with all kinds of benefits for your child’s development, including:

      • Improve fine motor skills and dexterity
      • Develop hand-eye coordination
      • Develop language through picture/word association
      • Keep children busy and happy for hours

      Our wooden puzzles are laser cut and pieces have to be assembled precisely. This challenges children’s fine and gross motor skills. No knobs are used so children are forced to put the pieces together either by matching shapes or colour patterns.

      When a child is challenged, they will ask for help, give up and walk away, keep repeating an activity, or try hard to articulate what is bothering them. This all helps to develop their problem-solving skills. Check out our fun, educational range of puzzles for toddlers today.

      Made in Australia with High-Quality Materials

      Our puzzles for toddlers are eco-friendly and sustainably made using safe, water-based ink that’s bled into the wood. We use renewable plantation pine timber to make our wooden puzzles, making the puzzle durable & longer lasting.

      We use laser cutting technology to precisely cut the pieces so that they fit together perfectly. This requires children to match parts or colours and use their hand-eye coordination to make the parts fit.

      They will work at assembling their puzzles either in a logical, analytical sequence, or through experimenting with trial and error. You’ll learn more about your child’s personality from the way they put our Flat Friends puzzle together.

      Tested for Safety

      We make sure all our puzzles are safe for children to play with. The pieces are designed to be big so they can’t be swallowed, and they don’t have sharp edges. 

      Each puzzle is quality tested to meet all international safety standards and marked safe for children aged 3+. Tests include;

      • CE for all European
      • ISO for Australia & NZ
      • ATSM for USA

      You can find the product safety information here.

      Shop Now for Wooden Puzzles Delivered in Australia and Worldwide

      Get ready to have hours of fun with our educational wooden puzzles for toddlers! Place your order today – with our fast dispatch and delivery, it will reach your doorstep in no time! 

      For any queries, contact our friendly team at orders@flatfriends.com.au. We’re always here to help. You can also visit our shipping, returns and refunds page for more information.

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