Baby Singlet - Organic Cotton -Dingo

SKU: BNS50797

Comes in Dark Blue Colour & Dingo Character Print
Available in 2 Sizes - 6 months & 12 months

Baby Singlet is a beautiful garment for babies. This one comes in Dark Blue with our unique Dingo Character Print.

It is made from 180gms, jersey knit 100% superfine, luxurious soft premium quality certified organic cotton which is safer and healthier for a baby's developing tender skin. It is hypo-allergenic, comfortable and non-irritating because it is chemical free. It is excellent for babies with skin and eczema problems, or allergies. It’s all natural!

Style Features:

  • Singlet keeps babies cool during hot weather;
  • Cut for a stylish and comfortable fit;
  • Comfortable and stylish cut which is hand-crafted using superfine, soft and luxurious certified organic cotton. It is non-irritating against sensitive and developing skin, allergy safe and comfortable using all natural fibre that breathes well.


  • Our superfine organic cotton is chemical free and safe for babies, with very low flammability.
  • It is non-itchy, comfortable and highly suitable for babies with allergies or skin/eczema problems because it is all natural and hypo-allergenic.
  • Allowing babies to have a restful sleep.