Crocodile River + Croc FP & CBag


A perfect gift for a newborn baby or child's birthday & includes;
  1. Saltwater crocodile Finger Puppet, carefully hand-crafted with excellent detail & embroidered engaging eyes.
  2. Cotton carry bag, made using 100% unbleached cotton & 3 compartments & gift card.
  3. Crocodile River, a beautifully written & illustrated book.

Finger Puppet is quality tested to meet all international standards & safe for 3 years plus.


    Crocodile FP Gift Set includes; a beautiful book that won a Royal Zoological Society Award. It tells a sympathetic story about a saltwater crocodile’s struggle to survive. Read the story using our friendly and cuddly saltwater crocodile finger puppet to your baby or child. The puppet will make the story fun and exciting!

    Bring the saltwater crocodile finger puppet to life and help your baby or child to engage in the story, developing language and teaching them to love crocodiles.

    Put the book and finger puppet inside the unbleached cotton carry bag to make the perfect gift. There's no need for any other packaging, the bag has a gift card with information about the saltwater crocodile in 8 languages. You will impress with this gift and help our environment! It's a great book bag!

    This Crocodile Gift Set includes;

    1. Crocodile River is a beautiful paperback book. Written by Diana Lawrenson; giving children a lovely insight into the life of a saltwater crocodile Cranky. Illustrated by Danny Snell; using gorgeous watercolour paintings.
    2. Saltwater Crocodile finger puppet made with soft velour fabric, stuffed to make it easier to hold and play with it, and embroidered engaging smiling eyes. Making the crocodile cute, cuddly and lovable.
    3. Unbleached cotton carry bag with our beautiful saltwater crocodile friendly & cute character printed on the front of the bag. The bag has a handle, 3 compartments and the centre compartment has a zipper. It comes with a gift card that has information about saltwater crocodiles in 8 languages. It’s a great & flexible bag.

    Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE, ASTM, CPSIA and ISO.

    Suitable for children 3+ years old.

    Puppets as an educational toy will:

    • develop language and reading skills.
    • help children understand crocodiles and learn to love & respect them.
    • freely express emotional issues and resolve them, by using the puppet as an extension of self.
    • trigger imaginative and creative play.
    • work motor skills by manipulating the puppet.
    • gain confidence, become brave and improve self-esteem.
    • encourages socialising, team building, organisational skills and public speaking.

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