Flight Attendant Uniform, Navy Pants & Jacket, 46cm Hand Puppet

SKU: CHP20011

Beautifully hand-crafted with excellent detail.
Made using polyester/cotton fabric.
Quality tested to meet international standards and safe for 3 years plus.
Size: fits 46cm Hand Puppet
Weight: 0.03kgs
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Flight Attendant Uniform, navy suit pants & jacket  fits our 46cm Hand Puppet. This beautiful navy suit will inspire travel and understanding of what is involved with being a flight attendant and looking after passengers. You will want to travel to many destinations around the world with your puppet wearing this uniform.

Encourage creative play and inspire a child’s imagination with this outfit.

Imagine all the places you can go and the people you will meet as a flight attendant. Learn to look after passengers, be patient and help, make sure that they are comfortable.

Share all kinds of stories with your friends and family, visit countries, cities, towns and learn about each place. You can take your puppet to school with you and share something new.

The outfit includes;

  • polyester/cotton navy jacket with yellow buttons, collar and long sleeves.
  • polyester/cotton navy pants.
  • white long sleeve shirt with buttons and collar.
  • navy tie that goes around the neck and under the shirt collar.
  • black vinyl shoes with laces.

Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE, ASTM, CPSIA and ISO.

Suitable for children 3+ years old.

Puppets clothes will;

  • work fine and gross motor skills by the clothes off and putting them back on, undoing buttons and doing them back up again, untying shoelaces and tying them.
  • trigger enquiry to learn about travel and being a flight attendant.
  • inspire a child’s imagination and encourage children to tell stories about different countries, places, cultures or to express and articulate something about themselves.

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