Thank you for sending the orangutans. The 2nd orangutan is a spare for my son. He is 1 and a half years and has had a flat friend from birth, and he takes it everywhere with him. They really are brilliant and have helped keep our son happy and comforted.


Jordan loves his quokka puppet! I gave the adorable bag the quokka came with to his twin sister. She really liked that, too! Thank you for the free bag, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness, and thanks again for going above and beyond good customer service!


We have received the wolf which is really lovely, thank you. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a friendly looking wolf puppet - this one is called “word wolf” as a teaching aid and found that the children really engage with the wolf and believe it really is setting challenges for them to complete.


Hi Lina,
Hope you're well.
Toby just put on an impromptu play for us as we were trying to get out the door... it was too sweet to resist!
Cheers, Tina


Thank you so much for the superb customer service Lina! I’ll be in touch next baby shower!


I am so pleased with the Flat Friends Tasmanian Devil puppet I got. I am in the USA and use puppets at educational animal talks at retirement homes. This is the BEST Tasmanian devil puppet I have seen. The puppet is very well made, adorable, and easy to manipulate even with an adult hand. The customer service from Flat Friends is in one word, "AMAZING"!


Hi there. A number of years ago I purchased a tiger shark form your range. I was wondering are there any still any floating around?
I am wanting a back up for the day that Dusty may have to retire. He brings us so much joy. We'd love to add more sharkies to our family. Have a lovely weekend.