Sheepskin Toys for Babies



      Sheepskin Baby Soft Toys

      Looking for therapeutic sheepskin toys for babies and children? At Flat Friends, we have you covered! We’ve been making our sheepskin baby soft toys since 1996.

      Sheepskin has a range of therapeutic benefits for babies and children’s wellbeing and health. From improved sleep to an uplift in mood, we believe our sheepskin toys for babies are an essential must-have toy for children growing up today. 

      With so many benefits for your little one’s health and wellbeing, our sheepskin baby soft toys are a great addition to your child’s nursery. They also make a great gift for expectant parents, baby showers and birthdays – or maybe just as a special surprise! Browse our beautiful range today.

      Introducing Our Sheepskin Soft Toys for Babies

      Imagine your favourite toy when you were a child. The one toy you wouldn’t go anywhere without. We took that thought and brought to life a range of adorable sheepskin soft toys for babies and children. 

      Here at Flat Friends you’ll find a diverse range of toys online which include Australian animals, zoo and farm animals, cats and dogs, apes and monkeys, marine animals, and teddy bears. Take a look through our adorable collection today to find your forever friend.

      Experience the Benefits of Our Sheepskin Soft Toys

      Our sheepskin soft toys for babies are safe for children of all ages, helping young children to settle in for a better night’s sleep. 

      Each of our baby comforter toys are child-friendly, durable, soft to touch and hypoallergenic for all kids to enjoy. We carefully handcraft each baby comforter toy using 100% naturally sourced Australian lambskin and sheepskin due to its natural fleece and wool fibres.

      You may ask why use lambskin or sheepskin? Wool fibre is perfect as it’s a natural fibre that breathes, insulates, and regulates body temperature. Sheepskin has many therapeutic benefits for young children, including:

      • Hypoallergenic so your child is significantly less likely to experience an allergic reaction.
      • Has a soothing and swaddling effect on babies.
      • Acts like a natural thermostat and regulates your body’s temperature, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter.
      • Supports a baby’s delicate, developing skin which is learning to regulate its body temperature.
      • Helps babies and children to settle faster and to have a long and restful sleep - when babies sleep well, they eat better, gain weight, cry less and become happier and more balanced.
      • Helps reduce asthma and is excellent with sensitive or inflamed skin as it contains lanolin, which is a natural substance that is widely promoted as a natural skin remedy.

      For further information, check out our product safety information and care instructions.

      Discover the Difference for Yourself Today

      Our sheepskin baby soft toys make a beautiful addition to your little one’s nursery, and you can rest easy knowing they come with numerous health benefits. Check out our range and place your order today. With our fast delivery in Australia thanks to Australia Post and Sendle, you’ll soon have your order delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

      For further information, check out our helpful guide on shipping, returns and refunds, or get in contact with us at

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