Your Purchase of Flat Friends Products Does Something Great in the World

Flat Friends works towards a better future for our children and many generations to come!

Through Children Change Will Happen

Through play Flat Friends influences children.

Since Flat Friends started in 1996, our cute, lovable and friendly characters, educational toys and stories, have resulted in children wanting to look after others, animals and the environment. This has been achieved by engendering love, respect and affinity.

Through Giving We Can Change the World

Imagine a world where all children and animals are treated equally.

We all have the ability, power and social responsibility to make a difference.

As Business Owners, we can contribute towards a sustainable future by incorporating giving into our work-flow processes and impact on;

  • many lives,
  • help to save endangered wildlife, and
  • work towards a sustainable environment

Our Giving Story

Each time you purchase our Flat Friends Products, we contribute towards projects that help Children, Animals and our Environment.