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      Congratulations! You’ve invested in one of the best people hand puppets you’ll find Australia wide or even in the world. Now, you’ll need a beautiful set of clothing for them. We’ve found over the years that many customers come back to buy more change of clothes for their puppets. What would you like your special friend and companion to wear? We have a wide range of puppet clothes, occupational outfits, fashion or casual outfits and folk costumes. Let your imagination run wild.

      You dress your puppets in any style that suits your taste. You may want to go non-binary dressing the boys in dresses and girls in jeans and shorts. Or you may want to buy boys and girls to embrace best friends.

      When you change an outfit, this will trigger new stories and adventures for your child. Your full-bodied people hand puppet are the best educational toy you’ll ever need for your children. Each of our plush hand people, character or doll type puppet for children operate and come to life when you or your child puts their hand inside the puppet from the back. They’ll make their arms move or talk by moving their mouth. Their engaging eyes will look at you, inspiring you to have a conversation or to share emotions or stories.

      Our people puppets encourage inclusion and diversity, dress them in one of our folk costumes and celebrate cultural diversity by learning about the culture associated with the folk costume.

      We have some of the most amazing full-bodied people puppet toys and plush hand puppets to excite and energise babies and children of all ages. Our people puppets come with different, hair, eye and skin colour reflecting our world today. Parents and children can really get creative with their bedtime stories through our diverse range of dressed puppets and undressed puppets which come in both the male and female option, with all sorts of puppet clothes to match the bedtime story each and every night. The awesome thing about Flat Friends is that we always think of new ideas to add to the collection.

      Our very own puppet toys are an Australian household essential for all children. The use of puppets have been known to be a wonderful method to engage and encourage a child’s imagination whilst also helping them to learn practical and valuable skills in empathy. Each and every one of our people hand puppet toys are made of premium quality soft velvety velour fabric and stuffed for easy handling.

      Clothes for our Plush People Hand Puppet Toys

      Our puppet clothing range has been carefully designed to allow your hand from the back of the outfit, sometimes you may need to undo the zipper or buttons when it comes to folk costumes, but the message is conveyed about loving other cultures by learning about them. Your child will take their puppet best friend with them and think about the outfit they’d like them to wear.

      People hand puppet are an excellent educational toy that are child-friendly, extremely plush, durable, using velvety soft velour fabric that’s lovely to touch and bring to life for all kids to enjoy. They go seamlessly well alongside our range of sheepskin soft toys and animal puppet toys, to make your own puppet family, and ultimately, making great memorable moments in a child’s life.

      We’ve helped many childcare, daycare centres, preschools, and schools using puppets as a teachers aid or to help children come out of their shell and excel with a can-do attitude.

      Thinking of a present to buy, you simply can’t go past choosing our soft educational toy puppets that will keep children happy with their best friend for hours and make the perfect gift for birthdays or baby showers for all babies and children. Some babies love sleeping with their puppet.

      You can find the product safety information here, as well as the care instructions here.

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