Arab Thawb & Keffiyeh, 46cm Hand Puppet clothes

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Beautifully hand-crafted with excellent detail.
Made using drilled cotton fabric.
Quality tested to meet international standards and safe for 3 years plus.
Size: fits 46cm Hand Puppet
Weight: 0.03kgs
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Arab thawb & keffiyeh clothes fits our 46cm Hand Puppet. Dress your puppet in cool white drilled cotton pants and long sleeve thawb or robe. The polyester/cotton black & white checked keffiyeh, will help prevent sunburn and protect your puppet's head from the hot sun and will keep your puppet cool and comfortable in the desert. Go on camel back adventures, visit the pyramids and ancient sites around the Middle East, and much more.

Encourage creative play and inspire a child’s imagination with this outfit.

You can visit many countries in the Middle East with your puppet to encourage these stories. Share this knowledge and fun with your family, friends and teachers about life in the desert or in one of the many cities in the Middle East.

The outfit includes;

  • a cotton drill white thawb or kandoora or dishdasha, which is a long coat or robe with long sleeves, a band collar, and white buttons at the front.
  • a black and white checked polyester/cotton keffiyeh or gutra which is a head-dress made with a gutra. A Gutra is a square scarf or piece of fabric. The black igal which is made from black fabric is used to keep the keffiyeh on the head and stop it from slipping off. The black and white gutra or keffiyeh means freedom.
  • White drill cotton pants with elastic waist and black sandals.

Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE, ASTM, CPSIA and ISO.

Suitable for children 3+ years old.

Puppets clothes will;

  • work fine and gross motor skills by; undoing buttons and doing them up again; taking the clothes off and putting them back on.
  • trigger an enquiry to learn about life in the Middle East, the food, music and culture.
  • inspire a child’s imagination by pretending to be an Arab and exploring the Middle East or going on Camel back adventures.

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