Plush Animal Full-bodied Hand Puppets


      Would you like a pet and best but don’t have the time or space for one. Choose a full-bodied animal hand puppet and they’ll be the best pet and friend you’ll ever need. Your kids will love you when you share puppet time with them, telling stories or sharing emotions. The comfort and courage, they’ll need will be released through their best friend and puppet. You can’t go past a full-bodied animal hand puppet, when you or your child puts your hand inside the plush soft toy full-bodied hand puppet, they come alive. Your child will squeal with delight believing their puppet is alive.

      Your baby or child will cuddle and play with their full bodied hand puppet day and night, becoming inseparable. Some of our customers have told us that their child and grandchild loved their puppet much more than their iPad this is how engaging our puppets become for children.
      Our creatively designed animal puppets are super soft and plush to the touch, making it the ideal toy to comfort small children, to boost and improve sleep. We’ve produced a stunning range of finger puppets, animal hand puppets and people puppet find a friend for your child’s puppet and they’ll want to interact with you and friends. Whether it’s story-telling time before bed or the morning and midday playtime with the kids, our animal full bodied hand puppets are a great option to make the most of quality family time together.

      Animal Hand Puppets For Kids

      Explore the best animal hand puppets for kids Australia has to offer with our premium range ideal for small children ages 3+ years old.

      We’ve designed and created our animal puppets for kids which features soft touch velvety velour fabric. Our finger puppets have engaging embroidered eyes with an embroidered smile. A large emphasis has been placed in producing an animal puppet for kids that will engage and instil children with love and empathy for animals, and valuable communication skills to grow and develop more positive self-esteem and confidence.

      Using the animal puppets are super easy, they’re stuffed like a soft toy which makes it easy to handle and manipulate with your fingers for finger puppets or your entire hand for hand puppets. Both children and adults with average size hands can bring the animal puppets to life. Engage your kids through story-telling during the day or at night before bed. Which in turn, will promote the development of language and reading skills in children - really a confidence booster!

      We’ve helped many childcare, daycare centres, preschools, and schools using puppets as a teachers aid or to help children come out of their shell and excel with a can-do attitude.

      Thinking of a present to buy, you simply can’t go past choosing our soft educational toy puppets that will keep children happy with their best friend for hours and make the perfect gift for birthdays or baby showers for all babies and children. Some babies love sleeping with their puppet.

      You can find the product safety information here, as well as the care instructions here.

      Animal Puppets Delivered Australia & Worldwide

      Get animal hand puppets delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the world with our fast despatch and delivery. Soon after you place your order, we aim to have it processed within 72 hours during business hours between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

      For all Australian orders, we’ve partnered with Sendle and Australia Post to deliver a prompt and reliable shipping service that you can count on. And for all international orders, we work tirelessly so that you can have your order delivered rapidly to you. Your patience and understanding is always appreciated when delivery dates are slightly outside these figures but with any queries, please contact our friendly team at and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Remember all we book third party transportation, such as couriers and Australia Post, this means that as much as we try to get your products to you quickly, we’re dependent on our partners.

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