Mala, Kangaroo Puppet Set

SKU: AHP05292


Mala, our beautiful kangaroo, is a full-bodied hand puppet. She’s conceived with love and handmade with exceptional detail. When you bring her to life, you’ll have lots of memorable fun and laughter. Mala’s joey waits in her pouch for you.


She lives in Australia with her family group or mob. Her little joey is still suckling but ready to play whenever you take them out of Mala’s pouch. The joey is a finger puppet with embroidered smiley eyes and mouth.


Mala loves living in the Australian bush and wants to share her life with you. Ask us about her story and we'll send it as a PDF file for you to read and enjoy!


Mala is made using premium quality soft velvety velour fabric. She’s carefully handcrafted to resemble a kangaroo in the wild. She has strong hindlimbs and tail to help her hop and move around. As an herbivore, she uses her small forelimbs to forage for leaves, and to pull new shouts and seedlings. Her big ears help her stay safe, listening for predators. She blots, travelling fast to safety. She’s made with exceptional detail and stuffed to look more like a soft toy. She’s comfortable to hold and bring to life. The way we design her allows you to manipulate her mouth and arms. You’ll want to engage her in conversation, take her with you to meet your friends. Inside her pouch, you’ll find her joey safely asleep.


You’ll fall in love with Mala and her joey from the moment you pick them up and play with them.


Mala will fit a child's hand and up to an average size adult hand into her body. Your hand goes in from the back into her head, mouth, and arms. Her mouth opens. She has a tongue. Her head, body, arms, and legs are stuffed to allow easy handling, and to make the hand puppet more like a stuffed soft fabric toy.


Her joey is a finger puppet. You can put your finger from the joey’s bottom into their head.


Bring Mala to life when you put your hand inside her and learn about kangaroos, role play, read stories, create your own script, and learn and excel in your life’s purpose.