Baby Clothes Organic & Natural


      A baby’s young developing skin is still learning to breathe. You’d only want the best for your baby, nourishing and supporting their growth. This is why we’ve chosen to make our baby garments using naturally grown and processed yarn. We use 100% certified organic cotton or pure merino fleece yarns.

      100% Certified Organic Cotton is a natural yarn that’s grown and processed without any harsh chemicals or bleaches. Natural dyes are used to colour the yarn, so the fabric is softer and healthier on your baby’s or child’s tender, developing skin—it’s allergy safe and reduces respiratory problems.

      100% Superfine Australian Merino Wool is a natural fibre that breathes well, so sweat can evaporate easily and build-up of body odour can be prevented. It’s warm to wear in winter and cool in summer. Merino Wool is one of the best natural fibres for your baby or child and the perfect fabric for ensuring his or her wellbeing. Merino Wool will help your baby or child to have a more restful, longer and better sleep. Merino Wool generates heat which removes and releases moisture from the body through its fibres, thereby regulating body temperature and keeping your baby or child dry, warm and comfortable.

      Baby Natural Pure Organic Clothes

      Discover the best baby natural clothes your baby and child has been waiting for to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer, helping them to settle faster and sleep for longer. Nourish your babies developing soft tender sensitive skin with the best natural fabric and comfortable designs with our range of Flat Friends clothes especially designed with you and your baby in mind.

      As a parent, you trust that you’ve invested in the best clothing item touching their skin and helping to nourish their development and wellbeing.  

      Clothing to Nurture and Support Your Baby’s Developing Tender Skin

      You may ask merino wool or certified organic cotton? After making our flat sheepskin toys and baby comforters for babies and children, we realised how essential it was for a baby’s tender developing skin to design and develop the best fabric and clothing for your baby. Newborn babies rely on us to help them become the best adult version possible. It’s up to us.

      We carefully handcraft each baby comforter toy using 100% naturally sourced Australian lambskin and sheepskin due to its natural fleece and wool fibres which has therapeutic benefits for young children. Given our large variety of baby comfort toys that promote a positive wellbeing, kids of all ages can also expect the following benefits:

      • Helps act like a natural thermostat and regulate your body’s temperature, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter.
      • Helps support a baby’s delicate, developing skin which is learning to regulate its body temperature, and makes wool fibre perfect because it’s a natural fibre that breathes, insulates, and regulates body temperature.
      • Has a soothing and swaddling effect on babies.
      • Helps babies and children to settle faster and to have a long and restful sleep - when babies sleep well, they eat better, gain weight, cry less and become happier and more balanced.
      • Helps reduce asthma and is excellent with sensitive or inflamed skin as it contains lanolin which is a natural substance that is widely promoted as a natural skin remedy.
      • Hypoallergenic so your child is significantly less likely to experience an allergic reaction.

      Thinking of a present to buy, our natural therapeutic baby clothes matched with an educational flat sheepskin soft toy and baby comforters are a great gift for birthdays or baby showers for all children, especially newborn babies.

      You can find the product safety information here, as well as the care instructions here.

      Baby Products Delivered Australia and Worldwide

      Get your Australian baby clothes, animal educational flat sheepskin and plush and baby comforter toys delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the world with our fast despatch and delivery. Soon after you place your order, we aim to have it processed within 72 hours during business hours between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

      For all Australian orders, we’ve partnered with Sendle and Australia Post to deliver a prompt and reliable shipping service that you can count on. And for all international orders, we work tirelessly so that you can have your order delivered rapidly to you. Your patience and understanding is always appreciated when delivery dates are slightly outside these figures but with any queries, please contact our friendly team at and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Remember all we book third party transportation, such as couriers and Australia Post, this means that as much as we try to get your products to you quickly, we’re dependent on our partners.

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