Puppets in Education

We love to sell our animal and people hand puppets to childcare centres and schools because it fits perfectly with our company motto to 'help and support animals and children'. Many childcare workers write to us and tell us stories about how introducing different people puppets into the daily play routine has helped many children to open up and relate better to others.

We would like to share a particular story which Sue from the UK sent us, and which we found very touching.

"I wanted to share with you the history behind me choosing your wolf puppet. Our daughter has just graduated as an Early Years Teacher teaching children from the age of 4-7 yrs and I am a teaching assistant for the same age phase but presently work with 4-5yr olds. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a friendly looking wolf puppet and then came across your friendly looking wolf. When Tam has gone for interviews and has had to teach a lesson on “Letters and Sounds”, she has borrowed my head teacher's wolf puppet - which is called “word wolf” - as a teaching aid and found that the children really engage with the wolf and believe it really is setting challenges for them to complete. She is still to find the right school and post but when she does, your wolf puppet will be called “word wolf” and used to support these lessons.

In my school, we have six classes and they are all named after an animal native to the UK and accompanied by the appropriate animal puppet. The children will learn about these animals, and the puppets are accessible to the children during child-initiated play or at times when a child may need reassurance. All the puppets are named by the children which makes the puppet personal to the class. Whilst the children are in our school, these puppets follow them through their school life, and in the older classes they are taken home for weekends by a child, where the child writes a diary about “Mrs Prickles” (a hedgehog) weekend with them. So the puppets are used across the curriculum. This year we have focused on being an “Independent Learner” and for each characteristic of being an independent learner, the head teacher has used a soft toy or puppet as its mascot. In my experience, children in this age bracket really engage with the toys on a personal level, and this helps those less able children to achieve better and be more content.

Thank you again for your kindness and I hope you will approve of how your puppet will be used and you like its name."

If you would like to find out how our animal and people hand puppets can be used to facilitate great educational outcomes, contact Lina via the Contact Us page.