Celebrating Harmony and Diversity

Shyamla Eswaran has been running Bollywood inspired children workshops teaching about cultural differences and harmony.

Inspiring Children

Our close friend Shyamla has been running workshops throughout Australia teaching children about other cultures through stories, song and dance, and promoting diversity as something to be appreciated and celebrated. She talks to children about her own personal experience of growing up in Australia as an Indian girl, and she uses songs, dance and our Flat Friends people hand puppets to get them actively involved in the shows and encouraging them to understand that we are all the same people, even if we are born in different cultures and come from different backgrounds.


Shyamla loves to incorporate our people hand puppets into her shows as a very effective way to communicate with children in a fun and engaging way. She also uses puppets with different skin colors and dresses them up in clothes relating to particular cultures. Flat Friends has a large range of beautifully designed and crafted doll hand puppets representing people, nations and cultures from across the world.


Harmony and Love

We love working with Shyamla because her experience of working with children and her feedback about the impact puppets have on them, gives us many opportunities to review our range and plan exciting new products for the future. We both are dedicated to directly working with children, encouraging them to understand that difference is beautiful and kindness is important, especially if we are born in different cultures and come from different backgrounds.


BollyKids Australia

We have been working with Shyamla for a long time, and if you would like to find out more about her classes - and perhaps even organise a class for your pre-school children - please visit BollyKids Australia.

Shyamla also uses our animal hand puppets in her new Bollydance Express! show which takes children on a dance/movement-based journey through India from South to North.

Here is a beautiful write-up in a local newspaper about her workshops - Children learn about different cultures through new smells, songs and dances