African Warrior Outfit, People Hand Puppet clothes Fits 46cm

SKU: CHP19053

Beautifully hand-crafted with excellent detail.
Made using polyester/cotton fabric.
Quality tested to meet international standards and safe for 3 years plus.
Size: fits 46cm Hand Puppet
Weight: 0.02kgs
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African Tribe Warrior clothes fits our 46cm Hand Puppet. Dress your puppet in tribal warrior clothes and join in a ceremonial dance and become part of the African community. The clothes will inspire you to create stories based in African as a member of one of the many tribes. Learn about the different tribes who live in Africa, their culture, ceremonial dances, music, food, way of life and much more.

Encourage creative play and inspire a child’s imagination and desire to learn about African people and Africa with this outfit.

Your puppet can become a Zulu Warrior or a member of one of the many other tribes found in Africa and you can dance and celebrate together.

The outfit includes;

  • a red ibheshu which is an apron like skirt made from a soft velvet type fabric to look like calf-skin. The ibheshu has a black and white v-shaped piece of fabric attached at the waist and hangs at the front for extra decoration.
  • A red with gold thread chiffon sash is sewn from the front waist of the ibheshu to the shoulder, and attached at the shoulder with red fabric that matches the ibheshu that goes down the back from the shoulder.
  • Two arm and leg bands, and two necklaces. One necklace has colourful fabric and the other a bit fur (polyester fabric) for decoration.
  • The detail and quality of the clothes will impress your teacher, family and friends.

Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE, ASTM, CPSIA and ISO.

Suitable for children 3+ years old.

Puppets clothes will;

  • work fine and gross motor skills by taking the clothes off and putting them back on.
  • trigger an enquiry to learn about African traditional, culture, food, ceremonial dance, drumming, music and the stories behind the ceremonies, learning about ancient tribal African culture.
  • inspire a child’s imagination by pretending to be a Zulu or African Warrior and learning about life in Africa or as a Zulu or other tribe Warrior.

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