Mexican boy costume, 46cm HP

SKU: CHP19619

Beautifully hand-crafted with excellent detail.
Made using drilled cotton fabric.
Quality tested to meet international standards and safe for 3 years plus.
Size: fits 46cm Hand Puppet
Weight: 0.04kgs

Mexican boy quechquémitl, pants & jacket fits our 46cm Hand Puppet. Dress your puppet in this beautiful outfit and thrill your family and friends. You can tell stories about Mexico and Mexican culture which is varied and interesting. Visit places in Mexico and learn about Mexican food, music, dance, art and places by sharing stories.

Encourage creative play and inspire a child’s imagination with this outfit.

Mexican quechquémitl or colourful poncho with drill cotton jacket and pants will inspire you to learn about life as Mexico, their history, culture, food, music, festivities, art and much more.

Tell stories with your friends and family. You can take your puppet to school and share something new about Mexican Culture.

The outfit includes;

  • quechquémitl or colourful poncho also called a jorongo is made with colourful woven fabric with horizontal stripes in black, red, mustard and frilled at the bottom.
  • white drill cotton jacket with white buttons at the frong, a band collar and woven colourful fabric with a pattern decorative stripe on the arms, around the waist and bottom of the jacket.
  • white drill cotton pants with woven colourful fabric with a pattern decorative stripe on the bottom of the pants.
  • white sombrero hat has a gold trim around the edge.
  • black sandals.

Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE, ASTM, CPSIA and ISO.

Suitable for children 3+ years old.

Puppets clothes will;

  • work fine and gross motor skills by taking the clothes off and putting them back on, and doing up and undoing buttons.
  • trigger an enquiry to learn about life in Mexico, the festivities, dances, food, music, history, culture and more.
  • inspire a child’s imagination and encourages children to tell stories about Mexican culture and exploring places in Mexico.

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