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Flat Friends has been a life-long member and supporter of B1G1 since March 2014. we loved what B1G1 has aimed to achieve with encouraging businesses to consider how they could provide meaningful contributions for worthwhile causes around the world. It doesn’t take much for a business like ours to make a small contribution to someone in need, to animals on the verge of extinction or to help solve environmental issues.

Creating a world of giving – Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1)



Our Contribution to B1G1

B1G1 Information

We hope you’ll share these key messages with your friends and colleagues about B1G1:

  • B1G1 members are part of a global community that uses business as aforce for good.
  • B1G1 members help change lives just by doing what they do at work every day.
  • Members choose from a list of causes B1G1 has screened to ensure their contributions make the greatest impact possible.
  • Membership fees directly cover B1G1’s operations costs, so 100% of member giving goes directly to their chosen projects.
  • Together, B1G1 members have made more than 100 million giving impacts around the world.
  • Members can share giving impacts in real time through online widgets and interactive maps.
  • B1G1 members can also take part of inspirational opportunities such as B1G1 Study Tours and Business for Good Conferences so they can experience the real impact together.



Information and Support

For more information, visit the B1G1 website at

Flat Friends Contribution to B1G1 on a World Map