Annika, Pink Dress, 46cm HP


Carefully hand-crafted with excellent detail and embroidered engaging smiling eyes.
Annika has beautiful round blue eyes, peach/pink skin, long straight white-blond hair, white-blond eyebrows, & black eyelashes.
Made using 100% Premium Quality Soft Polyester Velour Fabric.
Quality tested to meet international standards and safe for 3 years plus.
Size: H=46cm, W=20cm, D=10cm
Weight: 0.35kgs
Puppets help develop language & reading skills, give freedom to express emotions, improve self-esteem & confidence. 

Annika, our 46cm Girl Hand Puppet, lives in Gothenburg Sweden with her family, and loves her home, school, and friends. She loves her new pink dress and wants to go out with you and party! Have fun with Annika!

Annika is made from premium quality soft velour fabric. She has long straight white blond hair, pale peach/pink skin, white blond embroidered eyebrows and black embroidered eyelashes. Her carefully embroidered beautiful round blue engaging eyes look at you with love and kindness. She has cute fingers, toes, ears, nose and navel. She is made with excellent detail and is stuffed to look more like a soft toy, fabric stuffed doll, character or person. Her stuffing and design makes it easier for you to hold her and to manipulate her as a puppet. You will fall in love with Annika from the moment you pick her up and play with her.

Fits a child's hand and up to an average size adult hand. Hand goes in from the back of her body into her head, mouth and arms. Her mouth opens and she has a tongue. Her head, body, arms and legs are stuffed to allow easy handling for play and to make the puppet more like a stuffed soft toy. Bring Annika to life when you put your hand inside her and move her head, mouth and arms.

You can take all her clothes off to change her outfit.

She is wearing a beautiful;

  • sleeveless pink dress with beautiful flowers printed against a white background. The dress has pleats at the front and back, a pink ribbon around the waist and a zipper at the back.
  • matching shoes using the same fabric as the dress and pink ribbons to tie a bow on the top of the shoes.

Take her to school or feature her in a puppet show. She will inspire you and give you courage to share stories in a fun engaging way with your friends, family and at school.

Annika loves to play and is a great listener. She can be a chatter box and will keep you company for hours becoming your best friend. Bring her to life and share many experiences with her.

She will inspire your imagination, allow you the freedom to be creative and to come out of your shell. If you’re shy, you can use Annika and speak through her to articulate how you are feeling or to gain courage to play with other kids. You can use her to re-tell stories you heard or to create your own stories.

Research with early education specialists has highlighted and proven that Puppets as an educational toy for a child’s growing and developing mind and as a teacher’s or parent’s aid has many benefits;

  • By bringing their puppet to life as an independent personality, children will gain courage to speak in front of their classmates and to practise public speaking. Annika will assist them to interact and socialise with other children and adults.
  • Through Annika children will be able to articulate emotional stresses and feelings and resolve them. They can express themselves, gain confidence and become brave with a can-do attitude.
  • Children will use their puppet to role play and repeat various tasks that they find challenging improving their confidence and self-esteem.
  • The puppets will work fine and gross motor skill dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Children need to put their hand inside the puppet to manipulate the arms, face, mouth and tongue. Annika can be undressed to allow a change of clothes. Some puppet clothes have buttons, zippers and shoelaces. Practising tasks such as; doing up buttons or tying shoelaces will give them confidence and help them become independent.
  • Puppets inspire imaginative play, trigger creativity, tests memory, and develops language and reading skills. When children re-tell a story they heard, you will see what they remembered and get an insight into their use of language.
  • Children can perform a puppet show, which encourages organisational skills, script writing when they create their own story, language development and use of language when they perform the show, or they may express emotions or feeling that are bothering them through their performance.

Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE, ASTM, CPSIA and ISO.

Suitable for children 3+ years old.

Puppets as an educational toy will:

  • develop language and reading skills.
  • freely express emotional issues and resolve them, by using the puppet as an extension of self.
  • trigger imaginative and creative play when children perform their own puppet show.
  • work motor skills by manipulating the puppet; or when taking the puppet’s clothes off or putting them back on the puppet, or when using buttons, zippers, or shoelaces.
  • gain confidence, become brave and improve self-esteem.
  • encourages socialising, team building, organisational skills and public speaking.

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