Blood Brothers: Dragonkeeper Series book 4


Full Title: Blood Brothers: Dragonkeeper Book four
Author: Carole Wilkinson
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 368
Language: English
Size: 19.8 x 12.9  x 2.5cm
Weight: 0.34kg
Ages: 8+ years
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New paperback edition of the fourth book in the internationally bestselling and award winning Dragonkeeper series.

The year is 325. The powerful Han Dynasty is a distant memory and tribes of barbarian soldiers fight over what was once the Empire. It is a dangerous time. Kai is 465 years old - a teenager in dragon years. He is searching for the person predestined to be his dragonkeeper. Kai s search has led him to a Buddhist novice named Tao. But Tao is certain he is not the one; he has no interest in caring for a difficult dragon. He believes his path lies in another direction. But Tao must learn to listen to the voice within himself and that no journey ever reveals its true purpose until it is over.

About the Author
Carole Wilkinson is an award-winning and much loved author of books for children. She has a long-standing fascination with dragons and is interested in the history of everything. Though Carole has written over 30 books, she did not write her first book until she was nearly 40. Before that she had worked as a laboratory assistant and as a film and television writer and editor.

Carole is a meticulous researcher who finds it difficult to stop researching and begin writing. She once searched for weeks to find out whether there were daffodils in Han Dynasty China. Carole is married, has a daughter, and lives in inner-city Melbourne.

Industry Reviews
An enchanting conclusion to the Dragonkeeper series... ageless appeal. * Judge's Report, Children's Book Council of Australia *
Carole Wilkinson's trilogy is elevated to the rank of epic with its conclusion Dragon Moon... The simplicity of Wilkinson's prose veils sophisticated layers of meaning that linger long after the plot is worked through and the book is set (reluctantly) down... a mystical, action-packed, evocative and engaging story that transcends the narrow limits and readership of the fantasy genre leaving the reader enriched, elevated and enchanted * Bookseller+Publisher *
...witty dialogue, admirable heroine, and tense action, this is good, old-fashioned storytelling. * Magpies *Blending fantasy with fiction, this outstanding series is a continuous inspiring adventure, constructed with subtle philosophical and thought-provoking messages on accountability, strength, courage and compassion. * Buzzwords Magazine *  
Just brilliant. * Aussie Reviews *

Book Details:

  • Paperback.
  • 368 pages.
  • Great for children aged 8+ years.