Diary of a Wombat+ Wombat Lambskin soft toy & CBag



A perfect gift for a newborn baby & includes;

  1. Wombat lambskin-sheepskin soft toy, carefully hand-crafted with excellent detail using a natural fibre containing therapeutic properties.
  2. Cotton carry bag, made using 100% unbleached cotton, 3 compartments & gift card.
  3. Diary of a Wombat, with poetic text & stunning illustrations, Wombat is a powerful addition to the canon of timeless picture-book classics.
  4. Gift Card, information about Wombat in 8 languages.

Lambskin-Sheepskin soft toy is quality tested to meet all international standards & safe for newborn babies.


Wombat Gift Pack includes a beautiful book that is written by Jackie French& illustrated by Bruce Whatley. Find out how one wombat - between scratching, sleeping and eating - manages to fit the difficult job of training humans into her busy schedule. And our friendly and cuddly Wombat lambskin soft toy & baby comforter has excellent therapeutic and tactile properties that promote a baby’s well-being. This is the perfect gift for someone expecting or just had a baby!

The Wombat lambskin-sheepskin soft toy & baby comforter is carefully hand-crafted using 100% Premium Dense Soft and Luxurious Australian Lambskin and or Sheepskin Fleece: fur (wool) and leather (skin). It’s all natural with no stuffing and flat. It's made with love and care to help children to feel empathy, trust and respect for Wombat and animals.

Put the book and lambskin-sheepskin soft toy inside the unbleached cotton carry bag to make the perfect gift. There's no need for any other packaging, the bag has a gift card with information about the wombat in 8 languages. You will impress with this gift and help our environment! It's a great book bag!

This Wombat Gift Set includes;

  1. Diary of a Wombat is a beautiful book. Written by Jackie French & illustrated by Bruce Whatley; help children learn about wombats through a tongue-in-cheek account of a wombat’s busy week; eating, sleeping, digging holes… and training its new neighbours, a family of humans, to produce treats on demand.
  2. Wombat lambskin-sheepskin soft toy baby comforter is carefully hand-crafted to resemble a is made to resemble a Wombat, with dark brown colour fur for its body, head, legs, arms and small round ears. He has black fur for his wombat nose and big beautiful engaging brown eyes. The detail and hand crafting makes Pat cute, lovable and cuddly. It comes with a gift card that has information about the Wombat in 8 languages.
  3. Unbleached cotton carry bag with our beautiful wombat character printed on the front. The bag has a handle and 3 compartments with the centre compartment containing a zipper. It comes with a gift card that has information about Wombat in 8 languages. It’s a great book bag.

Quality tested to meet all international standards including; CE, ASTM, CPSIA and ISO. Safe for newborn babies.

Baby Comforter Flat Soft Toy is made using natural fleece and wool fibres that:

  • contain excellent tactile responses and therapeutic properties.
  • activate blood circulation and the immune system supporting the body and helping it to relax and regenerate.
  • act like a natural thermostat and regulate your baby’s body’s temperature, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • support a baby’s delicate, developing skin which is learning to regulate its body temperature, and makes wool fibre prefect because it’s a natural fibre that breathes, insulates and regulates body temperature.
  • have a soothing and swaddling effect on babies.
  • help babies and children to settle faster and to have a long and restful sleep:- when babies sleep well; they eat better, gain weight, cry less, and become happier and more balanced.
  • contain lanolin, a substance found in human skin, and excellent with sensitive or inflamed skin, and reduces the risk of asthma.
  • is hypoallergenic.

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